What is Starstreamer?

  • Starstreamer is an online music player
  • Works on every modern web browser (Google Chrome is highly recommended)
  • You only need a computer with an internet connection and a sound card
  • After logging on to the Starstreamer website you can immediately start the music
  • You can choose from hundreds of options, such as genre, year, etc
  • Create custom playlists
  • Superior sound quality
  • Always the latest hits and tips available
  • Music requests always possible

Online Streaming

Music is streamed in superior quality over the internet. The difference with streaming music is that there is no disk space required on the computer. This in contrast with the traditional hard disk music systems, where the computer requires a lot of disk space for the songs to be stored. The big advantage of a streaming music player is that the music collection is enormous, because you are no longer dependent on the storage capacity of your computer.

Music Library

The music collection is daily updated. New songs will be available immediately in Starstreamer. Cleverly constructed music lists, based on the tempo of the music, dates, genre and so on. We selected the best international songs, and our DJs are working every day to keep our collection up to date with the best hits and tips.


Create your own playlists on the fly. In Starstreamer it is very easy to manage your own playlists, and at any time you can add or remove songs. Your playlists will exists at least 1 year after your account has expired. So just login with username and password, and even after 1 year without using the Starstreamer, you can use your own playlists again.


Starstreamer is designed with simplicity in mind. Actually, everyone from young to old, will find his way in the use of the Starstreamer. After logging into the Starstreamer website, you will see the player. Here you can load a playlist, a selection from our previously created playlists, or use your own playlists. After pressing the play button, the program will play this selection automatically. Starstreamer automatically mixes the music with the built-in fade in and fade out. Each playlist on the right of the screen you can save to make your own playlist, or add it to an existing playlist. With the navigation buttons you can rearrange the playing order.


At this moment we are developing a Starstreamer app for iPhone and Android devices.
With this app you can listen to the music, and create and manage your playlists. The changes made ​​to the app are automatically synchronized with your account, and conversely. To stay informed of our latest innovation, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Starstreamer is derived from Musicbox. This program has been developed for years at Sylvester MultiMedia, and owes its success by the quality of the music charts, quality of the music files, and simple user interface. Musicbox is for those who do not want a streaming solution, or do not have an internet connection available. With Musicbox files will be stored on your hard disk. You can find more information about Musicbox at www.sylvester.nl